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At the intersection of uncertainty and reward is RISK- the theme of TEDxColumbus 2016, taking place Friday, November 4th at the Capitol Theatre.

Calculated or spontaneous, significant risks challenge our morals for the potential of reward and often leave us with a memorable story from which we can learn and be inspired. Risks in business or personal pursuits, for the greater good or just a better life – all are foundations for ideas welcome for submission.

Speakers for TEDxColumbus 2016 are expected to spark conversation and dialogue while taking an additional leap of faith… delivering what may be the talk of their lives while sharing their ideas to the Columbus community and beyond.

We invite you to nominate yourself or someone else (deadline: May 30th). Every nominee must submit a 100 word description of their idea they’d like to share in addition to a 90 second video. Additional details on the selection process including links to submit information can be found here.

In addition, we will be hosting a youth session again this year from 7-9pm also in the Capitol Theatre on November 4th. We will be seeking nominations for this session beginning in August; all speakers will need to be a current high school student in Central Ohio. Youth speakers will be selected and coached by local college students with in concert with the TEDxColumbus curatorial team.

Lastly: Big thanks, Columbus! We are producing TEDxColumbus #8 – one of the longest continuously running TEDx events in the world – because of each of you. Your attendance, nominations, volunteering, sponsorship and general support makes it all possible.

We look forward to hearing your ideas. Bring them on!!!


TEDxColumbus Curatorial Team