Moving The Needle

In the headlines we hear about local startups at a high level. Over the next several months we’ll be sharing stories from several startups in town that show’s what happens past the headlines. This week meet Ben King of 1487 Brewery – An Alexandria, OH man wants to bring authentic German culture and flavors to central Ohio, with his mission to start a new German style brewery. 1487 Brewery founder Ben King says he wants to use the centuries old principals first implemented in the year 1487 by Duke Albrecht IV in Munich to make his beer, which only allows water, hops and barley for quality and purity…click here for the rest of the story


Conquering Columbus – Podcast

Talent Partner at Drive Capital, Robert Hatta

“What problems do you want to solve? What do you love doing? Who do you want to be around?”… This week we’re fortunate enough to sit down with Talent Partner at Drive Capital, Robert Hatta – Robert holds experiences from some of the most successful startups (or at least what once were) in the world. We cover the top things he’s learned throughout his career working for those companies (Apple, Netflix, Virgin Mobile, to name a few), everything him and his team have going on at Drive Capital, and what makes Columbus such a perfect place for the venture capital firm to be located.