CodeLaunch Ohio 2022, presented by Cyrannus, will be unlike any startup event you’ve ever attended. This unique traveling startup accelerator will change the trajectory of five Ohio companies by connecting them with early-stage investors and a professional hackathon team to skyrocket their trajectory. Up to 900 guests will enjoy an experience similar to a live-audience Shark Tank episode. CodeLaunch is where founders, developers, and investors collide in a space where deals are made! 

CodeLaunch started in North Texas in 2012 and is now accelerated by Improving. The goal is to travel to cities worldwide, injecting rocket fuel into startup ecosystems. Attendees and sponsors help ensure the competition returns to Ohio regularly, providing tangible effects on our local startups. 

Please use this link to reserve free VIP admission to CodeLaunch Ohio 2022. When free passes run out, use our link to buy tickets. 🎟

Forget the normal, boring startup competition format at the door and join us at the Davidson Theatre at the Riffe Center in Columbus, OH, on August 25th at 5 pm.