There Is Such Thing As a Free Ride. And You Don’t Want to Miss It.

Amidst the buzz around Smart Columbus and transportation, a new company has emerged for free, short trips around the city.

FreeRide, a Columbus, Ohio-based micro-transit company has hit the streets. FreeRide utilizes fully street-legal, open-air golf carts that fit up to six people. After learning that Columbus would make golf carts legal for street use, founders Micah Myers, Nick Milliken, and Phil Ragland knew there was an opportunity to bring a new form of transportation to the city. “We saw the success of a similar franchise in Nashville and we knew we could make that happen in Columbus. But we wanted to do it on our own,” says Myers.

FreeRide operates throughout the downtown area Monday through Sunday with varying hours—morning to night. Their focus is short, three-to-five minute rides to get riders from place-to-place. During the morning and workday, business folks can get to lunch without worry of ruining their nice shoes. Tourists can quickly maneuver to their destinations without the hassle of parallel parking in a city. And folks enjoying nightlife can quickly and safely get to their next destination.

 To take advantage of FreeRide, just hail one down like a taxi when you see it zipping around. All rides are free but tips to the drivers are encouraged. This is made possible by future sponsors and advertisers, which FreeRide is accepting and securing now.

 About FreeRide

FreeRide is a micro-transit company in Columbus, Ohio focusing on short, three-to-five minute rides in their street-legal, open-air golf carts. They service the downtown area seven days a week with hours that span the entire day. Rides are free, but tips are encouraged.

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