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Please use the link to sign up through event bright. It will be important making sure that we have proper headcount.

Calling all Tech Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Non-Binary, Q+ professionals to join Zettabytes.Today

About this Event:

Games, Serious Games and Gamification – A conversation between Chris Volpe, CEO Multivarious Games and Rini Das, President RD Management Consulting Inc. DemsWin., Inc. and past CEO of PAKRA Games

Sponsors: Stafford Technology, RD Management Consulting Inc. and Stonewall Columbus

6:00 pm to 6:30 pm: Meet and Mingle
6:30 pm to 6:40 pm: Few words from our coFounders
6:40 pm to 7:10 pm: A conversation about careers in games-design, the business of serious games business and applying behavior science to gamification mechanism
7:10 pm to 8:00 pm: Play games from

Light refreshments and beverages will be provided. This event is free, but PLEASE sign up via link below for headcount purposes!

If you are a LGBTQ+ Tech professional …. And/Or

You have a data-story, an infrastructure case study, a data-model showcase, a visualization app, a digital experience showcase to share.
You are concerned about data-privacy and ethics of big-data.
You want to work in the intersection of art and technology.
You want to learn data-science, user-experience, design-thinking, civic engagement, social-good, open data and other such hot-topics.
You want to meet other LGBTQ+ professionals.
You want to promote your organization’s LGBTQ+ employee group.
You want to start a LGBTQ+ employee group within your company.
You want to learn how developers are using design-thinking principles.
You want to jump-start or pivot your career.
You are seeking to enhance your leadership skills.
You are concerned about gender-identities and associated data-modeling.
You are concerned and want to implement policies that are inclusive of Transgender and Non-Binary professionals in your workplace.
You want to hire LGBTQ+ professionals.
You are a designer. You are a developer. You do DevOpps. You work in infrastructure. You do front-end. You do back-end. You work in middle-ware. You are a tester. You sell stuff. You pitch. You are a data architect. You are a Chief. You are a window-washer. You are a scrum-master. You are an artist. You are an UX expert. You are a strategist. You are a venture capitalist. You are an entrepreneur. You are a recruiter. You are what you are.

….. Whatever is your quest …..
Then Zettabytes.Today is your place.
Register now.
Come out and hang with us.