About a year and a half ago, Nadav Zohar, a Human Factors Associate at POMIET, was reflecting on some concerns about new technologies. He decided that a way to mitigate some of those concerns would be a new design process that could “plug in” to existing design practices and strategies. After strategizing, refining, and gathering input, he has a preliminary proposal for a new process and is ready to test key aspects of it.

Because IxDA is a thoughtful group of people who routinely make design decisions about technology as part of our work, Nadav has set up a workshop where we can interact with the proposed process, offer feedback, and see first-hand how others are integrating IX/UX into their practice. Participants will break into groups to interact with the new process, then we will have time to discuss and offer strategic thoughts. 

About the company: POMIET specializes in building + scaling Health IT innovation. We partner with healthcare organizations that want to focus on patient interaction and quality care, not cumbersome technology.

Many thanks to Cardinal Solutions for hosting this event!
6pm – 6:30pm Networking/food & drink
6:30pm – 8pm Workshop