Those who write javascript, are using a powerful functional language.
If this sounds like you, why not learn to embrace and benefit from it?

Functional programming in javascript isn’t just awesome because people at facebook think so, its awesome because it allows us to solve the problems we face every day with more perspective, insight, and reusability.

We’ll touch on some everyday gems in this talk such as
– avoiding one-off null checks and try/catch code with the Maybe and Either monads
– building decoupled utility modules in your projects that tell you useful things when they fail
– avoiding the pitfalls of promises and capturing side-effects with Futures

Location: Improving’s hosting us this time, the address is 1 Easton Oval #175, Columbus, OH 43219

Time: show up around 6:15 to talk and eat pizza. The talk begins at 6:45.

Kyle Chamberlain is a partner at Modern Web and a tech startup consultant. He specializes in meteor, the react/redux ecosystem, and all things FP. He is also the father of five, and has been married to a stunning musical virtuoso for 10 years (yes i’m writing about myself 😉