Clearly this is a mess, but we are making the best of it. We are meeting virtually on Google Meet.

Security conversations with application teams don’t have to be an uphill battle. In this compelling session, we will discover the underlying challenges app teams face that cause them to seemingly dismiss security concerns, and we will collaboratively find solutions to those problems.

To us as Information Security professionals, it can certainly feel like app teams don’t care about security. That seems clear in those moments when they proceed with a production deployment despite poor static code analysis results or when they hesitate to add a high-priority security remediation to the product roadmap. However, as a former software engineering manager, I have a different perspective. While I did sometimes postpone security endeavors or push for policy exceptions, I did care about security. The reality was that I faced extreme challenges that my InfoSec team did not see or understand.

Now as an InfoSec leader myself, I realize there is a better way. We must understand the realities in which our app teams live so we can address their core concerns that cause them to push back on us. In this session, we will learn from my experiences on both sides of the table. There are ways we can partner effectively with application teams to achieve the business’s goals and keep the company safe, and together we will learn how.

About Jamie:

Jamie Dicken is a the Security Engineering manager at Cardinal Health, leading teams focused on continuous security validation, detection and workflow automation, and security projects. Formerly a software engineer and technical manager at two Fortune 15 healthcare companies, Jamie focused on designing, building, and delivering new features to the market. She now focuses on protecting systems like the ones she used to build.

Her professional passions include leading high-performing teams, executing on high-profile strategic initiatives, championing employee growth and development, and mentoring women in technology. At Cardinal Health, she is a steering committee member of both Women in Technology (WIT) and RISE, the IT emerging leadership development program. In the community, she also serves as a member of the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals (ICMCP) and ISSA.

Outside of work, Jamie has lots of adventures with her two mischievous little boys and amazingly supportive husband Chris. She enjoys spending time outdoors and experimenting with her hobbies of cooking and sewing.