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When it comes to cybersecurity, we’re all in the same boat. We all sink or swim together. In 2016 there was an alarming amount of sinking going on. What can we as individuals in our private lives, and as people who work on creating the web, learn from what went wrong? What can we do to move closer to the dream of suck-free cybersecurity?

In this talk, Lauren will cover:

+ Common barriers to cybersecurity
+ Why cybersecurity fluency is for everyone, not just the tech savvy or security pros
+ The big stories of 2016 and what we can learn from them
+ How to work together to overcome the challenges we’ll face in 2017
+ Kickass resources for personal and professional suck-free cybersecurity


Lauren Kinsey is driven by an altruistic devotion to a healthy internet. She’s a budding socio-technical security researcher and an advocate for widespread cybersecurity awareness.  She uses the tools of investigative journalism to dig into technical issues. Lauren’s presentations leave her audiences inspired and ready for action. She’s been invited to speak at venues such as TEDx, OSU, and MIT.  She enjoys discussing cybersecurity awareness at all levels, and you’ll make her day if you tweet at her about it @LaurenMKinsey.