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Due to Covid-19, we have been on hiatus since February 2020. We have been eager to have an event but we did not feel a virtual event was best for our community. Since then we have been trying to come up with the best solution to still inspire and entertain our community. With that, we are introducing our “Where Are They Now?” series. We are going back to interview past presenters and share how their life, careers, and opinions have changed since their last CWG talk. These events will start with an introduction from our community leaders, then we will do a premiere of our pre-recorded interview, and end with live questions & answers with the interviewee. We hope you enjoy this new content and format. We can’t wait to see you in person, our community is strongest when we are together.

===== WHERE ARE THEY NOW? =====
Ben Callahan is the president of Sparkbox, a software studio that partners with complex organizations to create user-driven web experiences. He loves to write, he’s been known to give a presentation or two, he’s an aspiring poet, and he loves to cook over open fire. Ben has years of experience in standards-based web development and design systems. His background as a software engineer and website designer gives him a valuable balance of technical skill and creativity, which he uses to guide his team at Sparkbox. He’s committed to the growth and development of his employees and to fostering an open, healthy, diverse culture at the company.

• Past Presentation: “Creating a Human-Centered Culture” by Ben Callahan from 08/26/2017
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