Has the Cookie Crumbled? Understanding the Impact of Recent Browser Changes

You’ve probably heard of Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP), but did you know that every browser platform (yes, even Chrome) is working on updates that block, delete, or aggressively expire cookies? And, cookies are pretty key when it comes to site analytics (your current count of returning visitors is almost certainly wrong), A/B testing, retargeting, and audience targeting!

There are no easy answers, but this month’s meetup with Grace Koplow and Cory Underwood from Search Discovery will provide an overview of what’s happening and provide pointers for how you can start assessing the impact and planning a path forward.

About Our Speakers

Cory Underwood started his career over a decade ago as a Web Developer supporting the marketing team at L.L.Bean. He’s held tech lead roles in A/B testing, tagging, personalization, and analytics, developing some of the most interesting solutions around in the name of accuracy and impact. His blog is a go-to resource for the analytics community with its in-depth explanations of the technical changes imposed by outside forces that directly impact their analytics, optimization, and personalization implementations and reporting.

Grace Kaplow has extensive experience in the world of digital tagging and tracking, both from her previous roles in media planning to her current position managing client accounts across a range of industries and engagement types. Her passion for solving problems and getting results have helped her drive success with stakeholders across analytics, optimization, data science, media, and strategy engagements. It’s that passion that led her to jump head first into the shark-infested waters of cookie management to help her clients effectively meet the challenges that this shifting browser landscape presents.

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