Truly Putting the Customer First: An Introduction to Service Design and Customer Journey Mapping

Analytics is often focused on measuring and analyzing what customers do as they interact with our sites, our physical stores, and our call centers. At this month’s event, Monica and Anthony Weiler from Stratos Innovation Group will provide an introduction to a different—but highly complementary—mindset for thinking about customer behavior.

Service design and customer journey mapping apply a holistic, human-centered approach that blends together aspects of different disciplines—human factors, psychology, research, design, and analytics—to develop a deep understanding of the human beings who also happen to be our target customers.

Their presentation will cover what these emerging disciplines are, how they can be applied to uncover new opportunities for improving the customer experience, and how and where they complement traditional behavioral analytics.

This is definitely a meetup you will not want to miss!

About Our Speakers

Monica Weiler is co-founder and CEO of Stratos Innovation Group. Monica holds a Ph.D. in Integrated Systems Engineering specializing in Human-centered Design, Customer Experience and Organizational Change Management. Fluent in conducting both qualitative and quantitative research globally, Monica sees value in bringing together diverse schools of thought across disciplines/departments and translating those insights into strategic actions. She has led projects that range from reimagining the end-to-end customer journey to improving employee engagement and productivity through human-centered design principles and approaches.

Anthony Weiler is co-Founder and President of Stratos Innovation Group. Anthony leverages his 25 years of design and strategy experience to develop better service delivery systems. Anthony enjoys tackling systems-level business challenges including the design of organizations and service offerings. With a firm belief in the power of co-design, he leads managers, employees, and consumers through the process of co-creating value by designing services that work best for those who will perform and use them.

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