Mobile app analytics has quickly become just as important as web analytics with app downloads reaching over 100 billion, and, by 2020, app stores and in-app advertising revenues are forecast to reach nearly $189 billion dollars. So, it’s important to not treat the measurement side of app planning and development as an afterthought.

At this month’s meetup, Mai Alowaish will provide a high-level overview of app analytics, tools, and platforms, as well as share her experiences formulating overall analytics strategy for mobile apps. She will show us how analytics data within a mobile app can (and should) go beyond just downloads and screen views and explain why, since visitors’ usage habits change by device, itโ€™s important to see how your customers use your app specifically and not assume that the marketing and optimization strategies you apply to your website automatically apply directly to the app as well.

All of our Columbus WAWs are free of charge thanks to the generosity of our sponsors: Clarivoy, TeamBuilder Search, the MS in Analytics Program at Wittenberg University, and Search Discovery.

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