A Discussion About Emotional Intelligence and Analytics

We’re continuing with virtual meetups, and hope that you’ll give it a try! Same great content and discussions, now with easier parking. Or: same metrics, one less dimension.

* We will use the Zoom video conferencing platform (please use the desktop app and to turn ON your camera if possible)

* We encourage questions after the talk.

* Following the presentation, we will break out into smaller groups for some brief freeform discussions


Every report, analysis, statistical method, and amazing technical innovation eventually winds up in the hands of a human person who must incorporate what has been produced into their decision making process. Sounds simple, right? Successful transmission and uptake of the results of analysis is crucial not just for leveraging data effectively but the long term success of the analyst and the programs they cherish. Let’s dig into this a bit and see if we can identify some opportunities. And yes, this will include talking about emotions. How does that make you feel?


About Our Speaker

Michael Helbling is the president and owner of AJL Analytics. He began his career in Digital Analytics in 2004. Working in this space has afforded an opportunity to both define strategy and lead execution of Analytics programs and ecosystems. He serves on the board of the Digital Analytics Association, and is the co-host of the popular Digital Analytics Power Hour podcast.


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