What does career advancement look like as an analyst? Are you craving to put “Data Scientist” on your resume, or are you just looking to finally understand what the heck those two words really mean together? Or maybe you’re worried about going mad if you have to copy and paste those numbers into Excel one more time??

Data science as a career has been increasingly enticing, with the promise of more exciting analysis, predictive modeling, and of course, higher salaries!

Come join us at Rev1 in May to learn from someone that has been there himself  (becoming a data scientist, not the Excel madness part… as far as we know) when Jim Gianoglio from Bounteous (formerly LunaMetrics) shares his experiences along this road.

The path to becoming a data scientist is as varied as the data scientists themselves. In Jim’s talk, he’ll give you firsthand experience of one path – formal education – while exploring other options for breaking into this field.

All of our Columbus WAWs are free of charge thanks to the generosity of our sponsors: Clarivoy, TeamBuilder Search, the MS in Analytics Program at Wittenberg University, and Search Discovery.

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