You’ve probably seen some compelling A/B test case studies that show amazing conversion rate improvements, inspiring grand plans to remove carousels or change button colors on your site. However there is a lot more that goes into an experimentation strategy than running a few quick tests and hoping for wild success. Although you may experience some big wins, you must prepare your business to follow a structured process that leads to incremental improvements over time.

In this talk we will cover:
• Building an experimentation dream team
• Choosing the right tool
• Generating test ideas
• Prioritizing tests
• Formalizing your experimentation process
• Making decisions and taking action

About Our Speaker:
Melanie Bowles has been in the digital space for over eight years working on both the agency side and client side. She has been involved with the development of digital and optimization strategies for both SMBs and fortune 500 companies across industries. Specializing in digital transformation, Melanie has been a catalyst for helping businesses increase traffic, improve customer experience and increase conversions and revenue. Melanie is currently an Optimization & Insights Specialist at Infotrust where she partners with multi-functional teams to define analytics strategy, analyze data and evaluate the business impact of digital experiences.

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