An Introduction to the New Google Analytics: Google App+Web

Did you know that there is a new Google Analytics on the near horizon (the event horizon, perhaps)? Google App+Web embraces an “event-based model” in its underlying constructs — recognizing that digital analysts now must now gather and interpret data across devices to fully understand the customer’s journey. To do this effectively, the user must become the unit of data measurement, rather than individual pageviews, screenviews and events on a single device (virtual pageviews, anyone? Non-interaction events?). Mai Alowaish will (virtually) walk us through an overview of Google App+Web: what it is, why it matters, and tips for developing an effective tracking strategy that takes full advantage of the platform. It will be an event to remember!

About Our Speaker
Mai Alowaish is a Lead Analytics Consultant at InfoTrust, specializing in implementing complex analytics configurations for websites and mobile apps. Mai has over a decade of experience in working with Digital Analytics and eCommerce applications, and has done several cross-device analytics implementations for international retailers and service companies. She is based in Cleveland and holds a Master’s Degree from Northwestern University in Information Systems with an emphasis on Internet and Database Systems.

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