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The annual AWS Community Day | Midwest event is going virtual this year. It consists of a full day of AWS content, covering a range of topics such as Serverless, Security, Containers, Machine learning, and more!

Keynote Speaker: Randall Hunt, Software Engineer and Developer Advocate at AWS

Session topics:
* Breaking Down that AWS Silo – Bob Lee III
* Your Lambda function, your IDE, let’s debug live – Wallace Wilhoite
* Environments as Cattle – Derek DeJonghe
* Getting Certified for Fun and Profit – Andrew May
* Building a PaaS for Forensic DNA analysis using AWS – Seth A. Faith
* Avoiding data breaches and risk from misconfigurations before it is too late – Eric Wing
* Single Table Design with DynamoDB – Nathan Menge
* DynamoDB costs analysis – Lyle Seaman
* Simple S3 Security – Andrew May
* AWS Certifications for Product Managers – Abhay Shah
* Computer Vision for developers – Mena Salwans
* AWS Educate for Teacher and Student – Tasha Penwell
* Build a dynamic website for less than $1.55/month using S3 and Lambda functions – Marshall Magee
* From Zero to Machine Learning in 45 Minutes – Harnoor Minhas
* How make your cloud SASE – John Merline
* Analytics and Data Visualization pipeline backed by AWS Glue & Athena – Piyali Kamra
* Securing AWS with Event Driven Security – Hunter Lynne
* Serverless Frenemies: Serverless Containers in Lambda and Fargate – Amy Arambulo Negrette
* Network Connectivity Troubleshooting – Ross Stuart
* Enhancing Local Serverless Development using AWS SAM and Docker – Val Chapman

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