6–6:30: Networking, grab drinks and food
6:30–7:30: Lightning Talks
7:30–8:00: Any final wrap up from talks, networking

Lightning Talks:
– Michelle Dupler – The Importance of Microcopy
– Matt Holfelner – Heuristics – The Designer’s Double-Edged Sword
– Adam Deardurff – Cultivating a Culture of Innovation
– Arthur Ryel-Lindsey – We’re All Just Humans, Aren’t We? Nudge Theory for UXers

Talk Descriptions:
The Importance of Microcopy – Michelle Dupler
From a full article on a web page to a single word on a button, every word defines how a user experiences technology. So every project should incorporate thoughtful content strategy. Come learn more about what content strategy is and why it matters even if your project doesn’t include what you think of as a lot of written content.

Heuristics – The Designer’s Double-Edged Sword – Matt Holfelner
Heuristics are great tools for designers to get things done. They are embodied in our visual/wireframe designs and pattern libraries. But in lieu of user research, they can become hazardous. The risk of these hazards should not outweigh the opportunity cost of making a decision to move forward. In this talk I want to explore the risks and rewards for using design heuristics, when we should slow down or speed up decision making, and things to alleviate analysis paralysis.

Cultivating a Culture of Innovation – Adam Deardurff
In an era quick to create think tanks and innovation labs, how are we stimulating a growth mindset within our company? It is easy for us all to get excited about the Airbnbs and Ubers, while missing some of the opportunity for evolution and positive change with our immediate teams. Learn about principles and activities that can help unlock potential within your company.

We’re All Just Humans, Aren’t We? Nudge Theory for UXers – Arthur Ryel-Lindsey
Richard Thaler won the 2017 Nobel Prize for Economics, largely for developing an influential and creative sub-discipline, behavior economics. He codified his findings in his 2009 bestseller “Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness.” This talk looks at the social science that underscores what Thaler dubbed nudge theory, and applies their lessons to practical UX decisions. See how outcomes can be improved and users can enjoy better experiences through the simple use of a nudge.

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