DEC Presents:  “Unraveling the Web”

Join us at the DEC on Thursday, January 21 from 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Program: Today is an amazing time in history.  We can access any information from anywhere at anytime.  We can send and receive emails and files with less effort than mailing a letter.  Behind the magic is a complex system of servers, protocols and technology.  Have you ever wondered how it all works?  Gain an understanding of this fascinating world through the use of simple examples, demonstrations and analogies:

• See what goes on behind the scenes while browsing the web

• Understand how email works and how it’s vulnerable

• Hear about the foundational technologies we depend on every day

• Learn where your information is sent so you can understand the risks

• Gain a deeper appreciation for the Web

Presenter:  Karl Meisterheim

Karl Meisterham has been working with web technology for over 16 years.  As a web developer and IT consultant he is passionate about communicating information on technical topics in a way that helps people gain a deeper understanding of how it all fits together.

Location: The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center is located at 565 Metro Place South, first floor training room, Dublin, Ohio 43017. For more information visit our website or even better join the conversation on twitter, facebook, or LinkedIn.