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TechLife Live — Healthcare Innovation

Imagining TeleHealth 2.0:
We fell in love with Telehealth in 2020. Now lets make it better. The long predicted – “year of TeleHealth” finally happened in 2020. But we took a very lazy apporach in leveraging it – and merely took the in person visit with a doctor and “Zoom-ifyed” it. In this session we will hear from thought leaders in the industry and explore and imagine ideas on making the current telehealth setup 10X better over the next few years.

Dr. Bruce Darrow (Chief Med Info Officer-Mount Sinai Health System, New York)
Dr. Nicholas Genes (Emergency Medicine Doc/Assoc. Med Info Officer – Mount Sinai Health System, New York
Dr. Sylvia Romm (Health Lead, Virtual Care at Cityblock Health, New York)

Hosted by:
Sudipto Srivastava