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TechLife Live — Dramalogue

Knight Moves: KnightMoves: Let’s Talk Software and Technology:
Knight Moves, a nonprofit organization created by Linc Kroeger, is an offspring of the advanced training program developed to bring social equity and economic development to our most distressed areas through creating elite technology talent from our urban underserved and rural populations.

Join DJ Daugherty, CTO of augustwenty and previous co-worker Linc Kroeger, President of as they discuss Linc’s passion of revitalizing rural America through providing a training and mentoring platform for future tech leaders at NO EXPENSE.

Vastly supported by top Silicon Valley tech companies, government officials, and tech leaders, Linc recognizes the high demand of tech jobs in today’s technology revolution and the need to provide real solutions to our nation’s left behind. KnightMoves has set out to remove constraints blocking rural and underserved urban individuals to achieve what would seem to be impossible and created a program whereby students begin as young as 7th grade to learn real world developmental skills to launch their tech careers—all without leaving their rural areas, keeping their families in tact, and at no expense!!

Not only is the program truly innovative, but its benefits extend way beyond the obvious—not to mention all the attention it has received in the media. Being from a rural area and a long time professional in the technology field, Linc has tapped into a true passion of his and has put his heart and soul into this initiative which is sweeping across the country. You won’t want to miss this inspiring conversation!

Linc Kroeger

Hosted By:
DJ Daugherty