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Agile is a mindset, not a methodology. Scrum is a framework to enable agility, not a set of steps to follow that will guarantee success. People have to do the hard work of solving complex problems, of coming up with innovative solutions, of experimenting and adjusting to deliver amazing products. There is no silver bullet, but there is a secret to Scrum success.

The Scrum values are the life blood of the Scrum framework. The creators of Scrum believe they are so important and so often misunderstood or neglected that they updated the Scrum Guide in July of 2016 to include them. The Scrum values are focus, openness, commitment, courage, and respect. They are easy to remember, but it can be difficult to understand what they mean, how to apply them, and how to recognize them. Without the Scrum values, we are just going through the motions and will not maximize our efforts with Scrum.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the Scrum values. Participants will walk away with increased awareness of their team’s current aptitude for the Scrum values and techniques for coaching them.

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