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Many company leaders are not getting the results they want from their businesses. They had lofty goals and high aspirations, but the desired results do not materialize. What should they do?

Join Gary Ross, CEO and author, in a 90-minute action-packed workshop centered around his new book: The Growth Cube™. You will get a preview of some of the concepts and strategies that Gary has learned successfully leading 4 different technology and service organizations over the past 17 years. You will also begin to see how you might apply the The Growth Cube™ tools to your business. Concepts include:

• Winning New CustomersCreating

• Raving Fans within your customer base

• Launch new products and new startup businesses

• Expanding to New Markets

• How to LEAD the company and what to focus on

• Making your company inspiring to your associates

The Growth Cube™ is a 6-dimensional strategy that can unlock the growth potential of your business, and yourself as a leader!


Gary Ross is a chief executive officer experienced in leading the growth of technology and service businesses over the past 17 years ranging from $1M to $150M in revenues. Under his newly formed company, Ross Innovations LLC, Gary is currently working with executives of companies to help them reach and exceed their expectations.

In addition, Gary has recently led the launch of a new healthcare software startup called Med-Compliance IQ – accomplished through a team effort with the <a href=””>Ohio State University Medical Center and Rev1 Ventures. The first product coming out of Gary’s company has the potential to revolutionize the technology of wound care and actually save lives!

Gary graduated with honors from Kent State University with a degree in Mathematics. He achieved his MBA from Ohio State University with a focus on International Business and has completed a 2-year international relocation with his family. Gary is actively involved on boards and leadership roles within the industry and the community, and serves as mentor and coach to executives, students, and friends. Gary has started 3 new companies in the past 4 years and has ran 8 marathons in the past 6 years. He believes that if you have passion, faith, and drive to service others, anything is possible!

9:30a – Registration & Networking
10:00a – Workshop Begins
11:30a – Workshop Concludes & Networking Resumes

Free! (& coffee will be served)

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