Part of Innovate New Albany‘s TIGER Workshops Series:

Does searching for success ever feel like playing the business version of “Where’s Waldo?” Do you have a good general sense of what to do but find success elusive at the detailed level? Bring clarity to your situation by taking the Chaos Quiz© and determine the mix of five different approaches which when implemented properly will bring balance to your situation and increase productivity.

Gary Monti, MS, PMP, Founder of Center For Managing Change, will lead this 90 minute workshop. A fascination with helping clients achieve success and deal with its elusiveness has motivated Gary in his change management practice for over 35 years. Gary’s belief that everything is simple once the right vantage point is established led him to develop the Chaos Quiz©, designed to help clients get a clear read on their challenges and choose the right approaches, leading to realistic business plans and solutions.

9:30a – Registration & Networking
10:00a – Workshop Begins
12:00p – Workshop Concludes & Networking Resumes

Free! And we will serve coffee!

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