We are now living in a world where access to information is endless, and with that, we are surrounded by people obsessed with information. This is all great, but only when the information you are consuming is accurate. How many times have you heard about a scientific study that seems too good to be true? e.g. a cure for cancer, that drinking alcohol is good for you, etc . It is incredibly important that we know how to identify reliable resources and determine scientifically concrete studies and results. John Oliver gave one of his brilliant rants on this very topic, which inspired our next discussion group, “Bull Shit Science”. We will be discussing what makes a good scientific article and how you can determine if reports you are hearing in the media are in fact reliable. Science can be confusing at times, but it doesn’t have to be. We encourage you to bring examples of both scientifically sound articles as well as those that you feel may be misleading. We will be hosting a competition for the best and worst articles in addition to having a stimulating discussion, as usual, over beers.

A must watch!