Join our community of technologists for a family-friendly night out with the Crew at Mapfre Stadium!

By clicking the link you will be able to access our #TechLife discounted tickets for you, your family, and friends.

PLEASE NOTE: once you purchase tickets, a personal link will be given to you that can be sent to friends/coworkers. When buying from that persons link it will ensure your seats together.


****Tailgate Info****

* LOCATION: Just south of the Megatailgate at the corner of Korbel and Black & Gold Blvd.

* FOOD: We’ll have burgers (meat & veggie patties) and fixings. Please bring your drink of choice plus a snack, side, or dessert to share.

* HELP NEEDED: If you have tailgate games, a canopy, or a folding table that you can bring, please let Cassandra know.

#CbusTech #CbusTechXpeditions