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Neil will discuss the topic of sustainability, largely from the perspective of business which has been the focus of his entire career, even before there was language to capture a lot of the underlying principles. He will briefly describe some historical roots and then fast forward to the economic, generational and other drivers propelling businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable business practices. He will draw upon examples from global corporations that support his courses at Ohio State. He will also provide some thoughts about where sustainable principles and practices will take corporate leaders in the future. As a stimulus for discussion he will conclude with two predictions that your grandchildren will view as normal but which today cause most eyes to “roll”.

Neil began an academic career at Ohio State about 12 years ago after several decades of environmental consulting. Where he teaches MBA and undergraduate course on sustainable business practices. In 2012 Ohio State launched a new campus-wide major in sustainability that included Neil’s undergraduate courses in sustainable business practices as core courses. Additionally, Neil was appointed the first Director of the program which has become the fastest growing major on campus, and is now larger than some departments. More recently he has undertaken development of the Sustainability Innovation Virtual Lab which will bring experiential learning in sustainability to Ohio State students. In recognition of his work with undergraduates he received the 2013 Undergraduate Service Award from the Fisher College of Business.

Previously Neil served as executive director of two small recycling organizations — The Association of Ohio Recyclers and the Waste Not Center. He is now chair of Sustainable Ohio. Early in his career Neil founded and served as CEO of a regional environmental consulting firm. Additionally, he worked at Battelle where he directed several research units.

Neil received his bachelors and masters degrees from Dartmouth College and his PhD from The Ohio State University, all in environmental engineering. He is a Certified Sustainability Professional achieved by written examination administered by the International Society of Sustainability Professionals.


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