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From web server logs to user interactions, modern applications generate an enormous amount of event data. The ELK stack — the combination of Elasticsearch with Logstash (or Beats), and Kibana — helps your business spin that data into gold by providing a platform that can consume, index, search, and analyze an enormous amount of data. In this talk, we’ll cover the basic components of the ELK stack and explain how to configure them for production use. We’ll also demo key management screens and show you how to use Kibana for analysis and reporting.

Stephen Smith is the leader of the DevOps group at Aver, Inc. Aver is a Columbus healthcare startup focused on building tools enabling the transition to bundles and bundled payments. Before joining Aver, Stephen lead a DevOps team through a cloud migration for a top 50 web site. While there he configured and managed an ELK cluster capable of ingesting 15,000 log events per second. Stephen has a bachelors in physics from Ohio University and 19 years of experience in the tech industry in development, operations, and management.

6:00PM – Food, drink, and networking
6:30PM – Introduction and Presentation