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Join COHAA for our final evening event of the year!

Has your stand-up meeting become a status reporting meeting? Does it take long and lack energy? Caffeinate your team’s day with energy and engagement using the stand-up meetings. We will walk through the purpose of stand-up, the research and how to have a fun yet effective stand-up. We will look at different patterns of stand-up, some common problem indicators and get more insight into subtle details of an effective stand-up.

Linz Vallelil has been in the IT industry for over 7 years. He has worked as a software developer and business analyst. He believes in making small changes which would lead to big impact. He likes to dive deep into topics of interest and share his findings with everyone. He is passionate about learning and applying techniques to identity and remove hurdles for teams to achieve excellence. He recently got married and is a work-in-progress husband.

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