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Start building on Smart City Data at the first Smart City Hackathon presented by Smart Columbus.

Data is the foundation of a smart city and the Integrated Data Exchange (IDE) is one of the first big projects for Smart Columbus. There is a vision that Columbus will have a robust set of public and private data available on the IDE that can be used in many ways to uplift the quality of life in our city.

To start our IDE journey Smart Columbus has created a “sandbox” for us to explore the opportunities. The goal of this “sandbox” is to provide a place where we work as a community to explore what can be built on our data, identify new ways to visualize and gain insight from the data, and figure out what data we would need to build a better Columbus.

Developers will be able to access an open platform with over 50 categories of data. 

To kickoff the Smart Columbus Sandbox, we are announcing the first Smart City Hackathon.


• Friday:  Pick your Team, Problem, and Idea

• Saturday: Start working in the sandbox, get help from experts, start building

• Sunday: Prototype and Pitch


5 PM – Registration Opens

6 – Kick-off Presentation 

6:15 – 7:10 – Category Presentations 

7:30 – 20 minute break: Dinner is Served 

8:00  – Form Teams and breakout groups start working with concepts

10 – Last Call for help / team can stay and work or leave


9 AM – Doors Open – Breakfast Provided

10 – 30 Minute Workshop on the Sandbox

10:30 – 12: Technical Support with Sandbox

12 – 10 PM: Open Working Hours


9 AM – Doors open – Breakfast provided

10 AM – 30 Minute Workshop on Pitching

10:30 – 1 PM: Technical Support and Mentoring

1 – 5 PM: Pitch and Marketing Support

5 – 5:30: Break and Dinner

5:30 – 7:30: Team Pitches

7:30 – 8: Judging and Selection

We need software engineers, app developers, data scientists, marketers, and product managers with all levels of experience.

For some context here is a video of what is envisioned for Smart Columbus.