Take note: rare Wednesday meeting! Lunch at 11, presentation at 11:30.

With the rise of DevSecOps, development, operation and security teams have been undergoing a transformation from the traditional responsibilities and operations to working more collaboratively and efficiently, and to deploying code securely, rapidly, frequently, and more reliably. Automation has played a key role to accelerate delivery via automated builds, testing, and deployment. Even security checks, which were traditionally executed manually at the end of the SDLC, have been more and more automated and โ€œshifting to the leftโ€ of the project lifecycle.

In this talk, we will discuss our journey of automating security gates/practices into our CI/CD pipelines. We hope to demonstrate the value of giving development teams time back by automating mundane, but very necessary, security tests.

Presenters include Josh Pobiega โ€“ Security Architect at Cardinal Health and Carlo Vedovato โ€“ Sr. Enterprise Architect, Platform and DevOps Architecture at Cardinal Health