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There is a confluence of forces that disrupt the ability for organizations to implement DevSecOps effectively. We continue to increase our dependence on software but teams are still relatively immature in developing securely. Our systems continue to grow exponentially complex. With IoT starting to take off, there is no clear industry vision for security these devices. Cybersecurity threats continue to rise. Even the most diligent teams find themselves subtly gaining technical debt because they are unable to do the job right.

This impact is felt across industries: telecommunications, financial, software development, transportation, and medical just to name a few. So what is our response as security professionals? We have software tools and databases like OWASP Top 10, CWE/CVE, SANS Top 25 and so on. But what we need is a set of patterns and anti-patterns on implementing DevSecOps.

Our talk will highlight what we’ve observed in conducting research from Tier 1 peer reviewed articles from 2016 to the present. We will present what seems to be emerging as a set of best practices as well as anti-patterns in DevSecOps.

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