11:30 – 11:45 Lunch and good of the order

11:45 – 12:00 OWASP News and notes

12:00 – 1:00 Featured presentation: Creating a Culture to Support DevOps with Warner Moore

Has your strategic consulting vendor brought introduced DevOps Engineers and DevOps teams? Or maybe you’re just hiring DevOps Engineers because more people apply? Over the past ~8 years, we’ve learned a lot about working together collaboratively with DevOps culture and practices.

In this presentation, we’ll explore DevOps anti-patterns that keep your organization from attracting the best engineers and true DevOps organizational structures that can help your engineering teams work together collaboratively without silos.

A little about Warner:

Warner Moore is a driven technology leader and architect with a background in web operations and information security. He has focused his career in working with high growth organizations where technology is their business and product. Within these organizations, Warner has an accomplished record of building successful security programs and high performing technology teams.

As an international speaker, Warner has been invited to present to university students, technology professionals, and business leaders in a classroom setting as well as at conferences such as Startup Week, CloudDevelop, Path to Agility, InfoSec Summit, CodeMash, Security BSides, and DevOpsDays.

Warner is passionate about culture, innovation, and community. His passion reflects in his volunteer work leading organizations such as Ohio LinuxFest, LOPSA, DevOpsDays, and Toastmasters.