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Physical products can be developed with the Scrum Framework. This talk explains how that’s possible, and does away with myths surrounding the use of Scrum for hard product development.

Scrum outside of software gets remarks like “the Sprint cycle time is too short for products,” and, “steps in building hardware are too complex for Scrum.” In this talk I’ll work through the classic Scrum process – 3 roles, 4+1 meetings, 3 artifacts, and explain and show examples to the contrary. Big successes have been scored with applying Scrum in an environment where classic project management structures are still prevalent, and unfortunately still failing.

Examples are taken from my own experience: CSM for Hardware classes with simulations, building products in an open source space, and also within commercial organizations.

The attendees will walk away with an understanding of Scrum framework principles in a product development environment, and with an approach on fitting large complex product challenges in a short-cycled iterative framework.

About Peter Borsella

Peter Borsella, co-founder of Scrum4HW, is a business professional with over 25 years of experience in application development and leadership. Peter is also a Project Management Professional (certified by the PMI), a Certified Scrum Trainer (certified by the Scrum Alliance), and a Certified Large-Scale Scrum Practitioner (certified by The LeSS Company). An active and contributing member to both the PMI and the Scrum Alliance, Peter’s speaking engagements focus on bridging the gap between traditional project management and agile product delivery. His goal is to help others understand how to get the best return from any investment by achieving higher levels of product quality, increased customer satisfaction, and more cohesive teams.

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