Our September meetup will be led by Aaron Bedra, the Chief Security Officer at Eligible. He is the creator of Repsheet, an open source threat intelligence suite. Aaron is the co-author of Programming Clojure, 2nd Edition and a frequent open source contributor. Aaron spent many years in Columbus before moving to Chicago so we’re excited to have him back in town for this presentation!

Leveling the Playing Field: Scaling Web Security

Attackers have the luxury of spending 100% of their effort on advancing their attacks. In a perfect world we would be able to provide ample coverage to combat the constant barrage of scripts, bots, and general malicious behavior. The reality is that we have businesses to run and deadlines to meet. Add budget and recruiting concerns and our ability to address security issues migrates from proactive ideas to realistic reactive solutions. While this can work, it never really moves the ball forward and consistently leaves us behind the eight ball.

Join Aaron as he re-introduces the problems we face in web security and offers practical advice on scaling web security solutions. This talk will leave you with practical tips you can bring back to your organization and apply to help you automate your way out of routine security situations, automatically analyze and prevent attacks as they happen, and begin to level the playing field.