Learn about the different options for running containers in AWS, in particular ECS (Elastic Container Service), EKS (Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes) and Fargate. Andrew May, Cloud Solutions Lead at Leading EDJE, will discuss his experience running docker based microservices in AWS. This will include an overview of the different options for orchestrating containers, how they integrate with other AWS services, and other services that integrate with ECS and EKS to provide load balancing and service discovery.
The presentation will include a brief overview of Docker containers but will assume a familiarity with Docker.

Full meetup details available here: https://www.meetup.com/Columbus-AWS-Amazon-Web-Services-Meetup/events/258068432/

About Andrew May:
Andrew has worked for Leading EDJE for the last 10 years where he’s a Senior Solutions Architect and the Cloud Solutions Lead. With a background as a Java developer and architect, he’s been working full time with AWS technologies for 4 years and holds a number of AWS certifications. Andrew is also an AWS Academy instructor at Columbus State Community College.