The RPA train is moving quickly in town and we thought it would be as good idea for folks to get together to learn from one another. TechLife is partnering with ITMartini and the local community to put on a RPA conference on June 12th

Details are quickly coming together but below is what we’re thinking. Click here ( to give us your input and to get on the invite list for the conference

TechLife, IT Martini and the local community are partnering to host this pop-up conference that accelerates the growth of the RPA community by creating a focal point to network and learn. Some key success measures we see for the conference are:
– 8 out of 10 on 10 point satisfaction measures for attendees
– Attendees walk away having learned something
– Attendees meet & have followup conversations with 1-2 people
– Multiple organizations attend (20 + organizations represented)
– 75 new people added to the RPA user group
– Three new folks identified to help lead/organize the RPA user group

Please note that seating is limited to ~100 attendees. We reserve the right to review conference registrations to ensure RPA practitioner attendance. Service providers are not permitted to register without pre-approval.

Target audience: RPA newbies and practitioners in local corporations. ~100 attendees. 80%-85% practitioners 15-20% providers

Setting Up Your First POC
Holly Uhl Director Operational Excellence and Robotics State Auto
Andrew Zupfer Enterprise Information Architect Nisource
Matt Lavendar Systems Analyst, Automation & Cognitive Services
Cardinal Health

RPA Tools & Techniques Overview
Vince Dimascio CIO/CTO Berry Appleman and Leidan LLP
Pete Gordon Software Quant Virtuoso Columbus Collaboratory
Justin Kuss IT Director Magellan Health

Scaling RPA in Your Organization
Tobi Milanovich Enterprise Cognitive Architect, Enterprise Data Office
Nationwide Insurance
Sreehari Sunkum AEP

The Future of RPA
Param Kahlon Chief Product Officer UiPath

Cost: Estimate ~$50

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to get on the invite list and to provide us feedback