Tired of talking about theory and want to hear about real production SQL Server issues and the methods I used to troubleshoot them?

We’ll take a look at real performance problems from an actual Enterprise SQL Server environment. We will walk through the methods my team and I used to troubleshoot them, and show how we resolved some of our most challenging performance issues.

Methods that work in this kind of environment will work in any environment. You can apply these techniques whether your environment is small, medium, or large. You will learn to use the tools and methods we use to troubleshoot performance like execution plans, wait statistics, live query statistics, index analysis, and more. The issues we tackle problems like long blocking chains, contention on system tables in tempdb, queries that normally run fast but occasionally run really slow, and generally slow queries.

About Robert L Davis: Robert is a SQL Server Certified Master, MVP, and experienced DBA, evangelist, speaker, writer, and trainer. He has worked with SQL Server for 16+ years. He recently worked for Outerwall, Idera Software, DB Best Technologies, and Microsoft. He served as PM for the SQL Server Certified Master Program at Microsoft Learning, and as a production DBA at Microsoft. He currently works as a Database Engineer at BlueMountain Capital Management. Robert is co-founder and co-leader of the PASS Security Virtual Chapter.