We have a wonderful trifecta of speakers for our June meeting.

The latest and greatest version of python 3.7 was released June 15. If you didn’t catch the headlines or haven’t looked through the new offerings, don’t worry; Andrew Kubera will give a brief overview of some of the new features you can use today including dataclases, module attributes, contextvars and more!

Next up is Zak Kohler. Zak will talk about “Using Termux: Creating a first class Python environment on Android CLI or how I pushed mobile development too far.” So you’ve tried QPython but it just doesn’t feel complete? Not sure how to “go mobile” as laptops become uselessly obsolete? Whether you love VIM or not you’ll enjoy having the full power of a linux CLI to manage your Android Python development environment. Combining the Termux package repo and pip allows installing most packages directly and building many more from source using clang. Pipenv and git can also be used to synchronize development between your phone and other environments, and if you’re a vimmer autocomplete is just a few extensions away. Data scientists will also enjoy the unexpected interactive support.

Finally, John Cassidy will be talking about SymPy. SymPy is a computer algebra system (CAS) which allows represent objects like: expressions, equations, functions, and Matrices in Python. SymPy provides functions for expanding, simplifying, solving equations, taking derivatives, computing integrals, etc. SymPy would be a useful tool in every math and science class I’ve ever taken.

Afterwards we’ll adjourn to Brazenhead on Fifth to talk further Python!