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Come and learn, share, grow, meet new people, and visit old friends at our monthly meeting!

This month, Harry Lindner will be talking about building a search engine in Python. Please help him out by suggesting a search topic here:

Sometimes you want something specific, but ctrl+f and Google are failing you. Have no fear, you can build your own search engine. We are going to build a search engine using flask (website), scrapy (web scraper) /pdfminer (pdf scraper), whoosh (text indexer / search), and Heroku (host). The code and demo will be posted online.

The talk answers 3 questions: Why would you do this? How do you do this? What are the results? Then it’s open questions.

We are taking suggestions for search topics. Please submit ideas here:

If there is time left, Travis Risner will continue talking about curio (an async library in Python) by example.

Afterwards we’ll be heading to Brazenhead on 5th.