If you’re like most people, January is a time of reflection. You’re rethinking old habits, revisiting old passions and trying to inspire yourself to do something awesome!


(noun): an intense desire or enthusiasm for something

Having passion is one thing. Actually pursuing your passion is another.

Most of us have more than a couple things we’ve dreamed of doing, but we often find ourselves being scared away by the challenges down the road. As the title may hint, this talk is about discovering what you’re passionate about and pursuing that passion (especially when things get tough).

Sometimes knowing the right questions to ask is just as important as knowing the answer. We will also talk about finding resources to help continue learning, where/how to ask the right questions, and why sharing your new pursuit with the community is critical!

In this talk you’ll:
Discover how to learn something new
Be Motivated to push past challenges
Understand your plan of action
Discover how to self-teach and the helpful resources available to you
Learn how to get involved in a community
Be Inspired to take the next step  


About Seth Moeckel

Seth is a self-taught Software Developer and Engineering Intern @ CrossChx. He is proud to be the newest member of the CrossChx Family and is excited to take part in building the future of medical technology!

From early years, Seth learned to code on his own and eventually taught others to do the same. He understands the challenges of learning something new and wanting to share that passion with others who are just as excited as he is. When He’s not working, Seth enjoys trying new things, exploring and startings new side-projects (later to be unfinished).

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