The Third Annual COGGJam is only a couple of days away and this year we’re kicking it off with a Global Game Jam Launch Party!!! We’re hosting at the Idea Foundry this year near COSI and we will providing food to announce the 2017 GGJ theme. Afterwards, we’ll assign teams and provide more details. Be sure to make it to the Friday event for more information about the COGG GGJ event.

Note: Since we will not have the Sandbox up and running yet, we will have this Launch Party event on Friday 01/20/2017 to see the GGJ theme reveal, gather you up teams, and help construct your team’s game ideas. You will then be required to work from home or at your own location remotely with your team. You will then need to upload your game COOG’s GGJ site (all to be explain on Friday) by that Sunday late afternoon. On Friday 01/27/2017, we will gather again to present our games!

Be sure to sign-up on the Global Game Jam website:

Global Game Jam FAQs:

Event Details PDF (Please download and read!!!):

Also a great place to find some awesome tools is usually on the Ludum Dare site here:

Sign up to our COGG GGJ Slack channel here.

We’ll see you there!

-The COGG Team