Protect Your Project During the Pandemic and Beyond gives project professionals strategies, tools, and techniques to weather the storm and successfully land every project. Drawing on the science of Human Dynamics and her own experience, she explains how the thinking patterns, self-talk, and feelings of the Project Manager the stage for success or failure. She describes how the old brain responds to threat and how to instantly recover from the Amygdala Hijack.
Self-awareness and social awareness are critical ingredients for managing teams, managing project sponsors, and keeping your critical stakeholders engaged. These methods are not typically discussed in business but are critical to keeping project teams focused on critical tasks to successfully deliver projects on time and on budget.

Participant Takeaways (Objectives)
● Identify different thinking patterns and learn how to communicate in a way that keeps team members engaged, motivated, and productive.
● Recover from the amygdala hijack – the old brain’s reaction to threat.
● Recognize the impact of emotional mirroring in all interactions.
● Understand the importance of taking a personal inventory of emotions for better communication and leadership.
● Communicate more effectively by acknowledging cognitive differences in yourself and others.