We have another fantastic meeting lined up with both Power BI and Machine Learning covered and even a little bit of IoT to spice things up!

Robot IoT and Power BI
Speakers: Kishan Wanigasinghe and Patrick Carfrey

Learn how we have incorporated Power BI into our IoT (Internet of Things) project. We are building an autonomous vehicle comprised of an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, motors, and various sensors. Using Power BI, we have built a real-time data visualization dashboard to monitor the state of the vehicle. We would also like to share challenges we faced and lessoned learned.

Rapidly Operationalizing Machine Learning Models
Speaker: John Dages

Machine learning is a transformative technology that empowers you to unlock predictive insights from complex data. Data science teams are continually developing new models, but most of these models never see production.

In this presentation, we will look at a variety of approaches to rapidly operationalize machine learning models. We will explore the techniques, toolchains, and strategies available from public cloud, open-source, and commercial software. A technical demonstration will also be provided that walks you through the process of releasing a TensorFlow deep learning model to the public cloud provider of your choice.

If we have time, we might cover:
– For and While Loops in DAX
– Previous Value (“Recursion”) in DAX

And, as always, join us after the meeting for Power Pint!