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Kristen Smith, Pillar Software Artisan, presents:

Getting Started with the Particles:  Photon & Electron

More information:

-In this session, we’ll build a few simple programs to show off some of the basic functionality of this versatile (and adorable) device. 
From a blinking “Hello, World!” LED to a sensor-driven “When to Water Your Houseplant”, we’ll explore some of the countless project possibilities the Photon enables! 
-Then we’ll check out the Electron! Where the Photon gets your Things connected via Wi-Fi, this particle gets them connected via 3G. 
-Finally, we’ll expand on what we learned from the Photon to build a 3G-enabled DIY GPS tracker using the Electron!

Complimentary drinks & appetizers by our Pillar Chef. 

Evening Itinerary:

5:30-5:45 Meet, Greet and Eat
5:45-6:00 Welcome Message
6:00-7:00 Presentation
7:00-7:15 Q&A
7:15-7:30 Feedback Participation Scenarios
7:30 Event Ends

See you there!

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