I’m *super* stoked to inform you that we’re holding a PostgreSQL conference in coordination with this year’s Ohio LinuxFest! You can read more about the event at the official page ( http://blog.pgconf.us/2017/08/pgconf-us-local-ohio-cfp-open-and.html) but it’s a two-day event with the first day (Fri) being paid professional training and the second day being free. 
This is a big win for PostgreSQL users in the area as there is no other PostgreSQL conference in the immediate vicinity (NY being the closest). I hope you all come out to support this conference and make it a success so that we can make it a recurring event.
*Please* spread the word far and wide on this, and thanks for supporting  pgCMH (your local PostgreSQL user group, https://meetup.com/postgresCMH/) and PostgreSQL.