DEC presents: Pattern Disrupters

Pattern Disrupters focuses on CQ (Creative Intelligence)which enlightens and inspires audience members to improve their creative capabilities and disrupt one’s industry.  Pattern Disrupters are people who use their creative intelligence combined with their analytical and practical intelligence to add immense creative value to one’s organization.  Adding creative value includes being an idea generator, disrupting the day to day monotony  of one’s workday by breaking patterns and routines, and operating from one’s dominant style of Creative Intelligence. 

Pattern Disrupters 4 Styles of Creative Intelligence* include:

#1- Intuitive- Focus on results and relies on past experiences to guide actions

#2- Innovative- Concentrates on problem solving, is systematic, and relies on data

#3- Imaginative- Is able to visualize opportunities, is artistic and thinks outside the box

#4- Inspirational- Focus on social change, strong ability to seek alternative solutions

*”4 Styles of Creative Intelligence”- Alan J. Rowe


• Discover one’s “CQ” score and Creative Intelligence Profile

• Operate in an area where your strengths align with your style of CQ

• Transform your creative lives by making the practice of creativity routine

• By connecting the “DOTS” individuals will tap into their creative potential and live more creative lives

Presenter: Chad Willett is known for delivering original, customized, opening and closing keynote addresses that captivate his audiences. All keynote addresses include music, videos (a clip from “She’s All that” where Chad is acting alongside Paul Walker/ scenes from “Saturday Night Live”), innovative strategies and techniques adapted for working America, and real life stories of inspiration and motivation.

Recently, he published his first book, “Smash the Box” which smashes they way books are written: Pages are out of order, upside down, and there is no table of contents. The book doesn’t tell readers what to do, rather, they learn through experience and Smash the Box in their own way.

He has a Master’s in theater from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) and a Bachelor’s in theater from the University of Kentucky. After college, Chad moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a professional actor where he was featured in the hit film “She’s All That” alongside Paul Walker. He is a member of the prestigious Screen Actors Guild and continues to act, direct and teach acting classes in and around Columbus, Ohio.

On the corporate side he has worked for three fortune 500 companies: Manpower, ITT Technical Institute and the Washington Post. As an entrepreneur he is the owner/ operator of Broadway2LA Acting Studio.

Location: The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center is located at 565 Metro Place South, Suite 300, Dublin, Ohio 43017. For more information visit our website or even better join the conversation on twitter, facebook, or LinkedIn.