This Thursday is CS2AI’s online panel discussion of ICS Security Regulations and Standards, free to all paid CS2AI members. We’ve brought thought leaders and active experts in the ICS security field to answer your questions on this important topic. Sign up now to reserve a seat! Sign up now at the link here: Industry Regulations and Standards – Now and Emerging October 25, 2018 (10:00am EST) Abstract: This session will introduce key aspects of both regulations and standards across multiple industries and regions of the world. We will cover historical evolution, current status and projected evolution. Additionally, we will dive into the standards set forth by the industry itself, which have been created to ensure there is a baseline set of protocols available to protect the cyber environment of member users or organizations. This session will answer questions like: • How successful have attempts to self-govern or regulate been by some industry participants? • Where are the regulatory directives coming from and going to? • AND WHATEVER QUESTIONS YOU WANT TO ASK! Sign up now at the link here: