DEC Presents: Old Dogs & Young Pups: How Generational Differences Fuel Business Success

Please join us April 21, 11:00 am – 12:00 noon.

Program: Each of the four generations in today’s workplace brings very different—and often contradictory—values, beliefs and expectations to work where the success of the organization depends upon their strengths and collaboration. Never before have four so different generations worked side-by-side: loyal Traditionalists; idealistic Baby Boomers; pragmatic Gen X-ers; and confident Millennials. And a 5th generation—Gen Z / Gen Tech—adds yet another set of expectations to the workplace. 

When associates recognize the value of differences and how those differences–when blended–can make a stronger outcome, businesses and their customers win. The “magic” of inter-generational (and ‘gender’ too!) collaboration includes viewing the world through others’ lenses, finding the similarities and the strengths that each generation brings to shape a successful enterprise. This happens through trust, agility and respect.

This program begins the discussion for managers and organizations that want to improve collaboration by examining how each generation defines “work” and “how work gets done” so that future conversations can leverage those differences to improve business outcomes.  

Presenter:  Janine Moon is a “Learning” expert—for businesses large and small, in varied industries and in office, field and manufacturing settings.  She consults, coaches, educates, motivates and shows leaders how to get results.  Janine has achieved certification as a Master Certified Career Coach (one of five in the country) from The Career Coach Institute where she serves as an Instructor and Mentor Coach.  Janine has authored two books:  Career Ownership: Creating ‘Job Security’ in Any Economy (2010) and Career Partnering: A New Model for Today’s Talent

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